JLBN 1st Blog! Revlon... did you know?

JLBN 1st Blog! Revlon... did you know?

First Jillybean blog post! 

Did you know?

Back in 1920, skilled makeup artist Michelle Menard envisioned developing a nail lacquer that could replicate the lustrous shine seen on cars. After countless experiments, she eventually achieved the perfect formula. This innovation quickly caught the attention of flappers, and in 1932, Menard officially introduced her revolutionary cosmetic brand, now famously recognized as Revlon. Initially, the company focused on selling its nail enamel in diverse shades through drugstores and department stores. Over time, Revlon expanded its product offerings to include lipsticks and eventually a comprehensive line of makeup.

Revlon is the first brand that I fell in love with as a girl. I have soo many memories of myself just browsing the section in my favorite Rite-Aid and looking at every bottle, wanting to bring them all home. To this day, one of my ultimate favs is Revlon 261 Sparkling. Look at this beaut!

Photo of close up of the pink glitter nail polish bottle of revlon 261 sparkling


What is one of your "mainstream" favs? 

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