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Fundraiser Polishes for Reproductive Rights!

Each polish is $12. $6 from each bottle sold will be donated as follows:

$3 from each bottle sold goes to the Access Reproductive Care-Southeast - and

$3 will go to Repro Legal Defense Fund -

Clinics in Tallahassee (where Jillybean is based) provide healthcare to person's all across the southeast U.S., and it is important to make sure these clinics remain safe. 



Every day, Southerners are impacted by financial barriers that prevent them from having autonomy in accessing the reproductive care they need and want. ARC-Southeast provides our community members with funding, information, and the resources needed to be empowered in determining their futures with dignity.

ARC-Southeast works with people in 6 states in the Southeast to support them in accessing reproductive care. We also engage in programs within our communities to bust abortion stigma and provide education in an effort to promote reproductive justice in the South.


Repro Legal Fund

The Repro Legal Defense Fund covers bail and funds strong defenses for people who are unjustly targeted by police or prosecutors for ending their own pregnancy — that is, for self-managing abortion, outside of a clinical setting.
A person’s right to an abortion is protected by the United States Constitution, but many laws and policies keep people from accessing abortion care that they want and need. People who self-manage abortion — either because they can’t access a clinic, or because it’s the care that feels right to them — can depend on the RLDF to fund bail and provide financial support needed to mount strong defenses if they’re investigated, arrested, or prosecuted for ending their own pregnancy.

The RLDF partners with If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice as part of a multifaceted strategy to prevent, defend against, and put a permanent stop to the criminalization of self-managed and supported non-clinical abortion. Until everyone can access the care they need to decide if, when, and how to create, sustain, and define their families, the RLDF will get people out of jail and fund strong defenses against an intrusive and punitive carceral state.

Reproductive Rights Fundraiser Polishes
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