• Please email info@jillybeanpolish.com if a polish is missing, arrived broken, or if you are simply dissatisfied with a polish. We do not accept returns or exchanges.
  • Jillybean Polish is hand made in small batches so slight variations will occur, though I do keep detailed recipes of my polishes and do my best to recreate them the same each time.
  • I automatically combine orders, but adding a note at checkout or sending an email with order #'s will help make sure I don't accidentally overlook it. I do refunds for shipping overages.
  • Orders will begin to ship 2 weeks after the sale has ended. The TAT begins the day after the sale has ended.
  • Pre-Orders will begin shipping around 5 week after sale, though may begin sooner if supplies are available. 
  • One promo code per order. 
  • Sorry, we're currently unable to ship overseas but we're working on getting to stockists!
  • Thermal polishes disclaimer: Thermals in general have a "shelf life" of 6 months, but will often stop transitioning sooner or may transition for years and years. Time can only tell as well as the conditions in which the thermal polishes are kept. Due to all of these factors, if a thermal polish you purchase from me no longer transitions prior to the 6 months mark, please email me and I will look into sending you additional powder or recreating the polish for you.